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See Slicer3:Loadable_Modules:Status for updates.

Use this page to describe how this feature works as of January 2009.


  • User experience
    • Run slicer
    • View->Module Search
      • Wizard searches
        • TODO: <slicerVersion>/<slicerBuildDate>/<build>/<moduleName>/<moduleName>-<moduleBuildDate>-<build>.zip (SP)
      • Archived of precompiled shared libraries (platform specific)
    • Select modules
      • TODO: wizard checks for newer versions of existing modules (later: give user option of always checking during slicer boot)
      • TODO: wizard grabs .s3ext file (uploaded by the extend script)
      • TODO: add Category, Description, Homepage to .s3ext file (SP)
      • TODO: make home page hot linked
      • TODO: support python and tcl scripted modules and make examples in nitrc
      • TODO: make dependencies in .s3ext (SP) Update to manifest like Slicer3:Loadable_Modules
      • TODO: make 'logic-only' modules (essentially just a shared library of classes)
    • Modules are downloaded and unpacked into user-specific Slicer install cache directory
    • Restart Slicer
    • Can remove modules
  • Developer
    • make slicer build tree locally
    • create module from a template (GUI, Logic, MRML) see NITRC example modules
    • test locally on their platform
    • create .s3ext file and test with slicer's extend script
      • specify: svn/cvs repository, dependencies, homepage...
      • Commit .s3ext file or ask a slicer developer to do so
    • Nightly build gets uploaded to
  • Phase 1: (finished) Slicer internals
    • runtime module discovery
    • module template
    • like CommandLineModuleFactory
  • Phase 2: (in process) web development, deployment
    • prototype on wiki
    • versions, download,
    • upload