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  • Slicer3: all day Tuesday, Dec 12
  • Location: Kitware, Inc. 28 Corporate Drive, Clifton Park, NY 12065 location information. We will meet in the downstairs conference room. Enter the building from the main entrance and the primary entry to Kitware is on the immediate right.
  • Hotel: Comfort Suites at 7 Northside Drive, Clifton Park, NY 12065, phone: 518.373.2255.

If you are calling to make your own reservations at the hotel - please let me know this also - so I can be sure we do have enough rooms.

Kitware, Inc. 28 Corporate Drive Clifton Park, NY 12065 USA 518-371-3971


  • This meeting is intended as a last coordination meeting before the January AHM. It is the official release date for the Alpha version of Slicer 3.
  • You should plan to attend if you are either actively writing code for Slicer3 or plan to do so over the holidays.
  • Please see the Slicer 3 developers pages for more information about the current state of Slicer 3.


  • This time will be set up as a 'programming day' with people working on individual projects needed to finish up outstanding issues in slicer3 and prioritize work before the AHM.
    • Slicer3 intrinsic projects
    • Core 1 collaboration projects


Optional meeting day.

  • Some Boston people will be at Kitware for one-on-one meetings and projects.
    • packaging
    • look and feel tweaks
    • polishing GUI functionality
    • bug thumpin'
  • Oranizational tcon for west coast participants (time tbd)


  • 9:00 Organizational tcon
    • Quick update on each project
      • identify outstanding tasks for AHM
      • plan the day's work
  • 10-4 Work in project teams
  • 4:00 Review tcon
    • summarize progress
    • identify any remaining issues


  • Kitware
    • Will Schroeder
    • Andy Cedilnik
    • Sebastien Barre
    • Yumin Yuan
  • BWH
    • Steve Pieper
    • Ron Kikinis
    • Katie Hayes
    • Nicole Aucoin
    • Wendy Plesniak
    • Nobuhiko Hata
    • Haying Liu
  • GE
    • Bill Lorensen
    • Jim Miller
    • Dan Blezek
  • Other
  • UCSD
    • Neil Jones