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The Alpha1 version of Slicer3, to be in place by the end of March 2006, will have a first implementation of the following features. Refactoring/Improvement is expected to be ongoing, but this will be a preview for Cores 1 and 3 to see the direction we are going.

Functional Example

  • Spec to be discussed. Possible options:
    • Registration Interface
    • Population study batch job manager
    • Simple Image Viewer (possibly some Editor functions)


(Steve will propose, for discussion by group)

  • Naming conventions for files and classes
  • Directory Layout
  • Functional breakdown between libraries, application, modules

Here's a rough slicer 3 architecture diagram to help explain some of the ideas.


(Andy, Katie - ASAP)

  • svn repository set up to build 'skeleton' app
    • vtk5, kwwidgets, itk
    • CMake files
    • Nightly builds and tests
    • CPack'ed nightly installers

Subversion Repository

Directory Structure


Data Model

(Alex, Xiaodong)

  • A buildable MRML library with API for core data nodes (Volumes, Models, Fiducials, Transforms...)
  • A prototype for a DTMRI MRML node

Coordinate System Manager

(Mike, Luis)

  • API and buildable lib for Linear transforms applied to MRML nodes

Execution Model

(Dan, Jim)

  • Spec and tools for self-describing command line arguments
  • Example GUI built from CL description


(Wendy, Sebastien)

  • Skeleton Framework of Slicer3 desktop application
    • KWWidgets application shell with 3D View, slice windows, module area, main menu...

slicer2.x modules

(Nicole, Mathieu)

  • An example of loading a slicer2.x module into the new build (so that vtk classes are callable)
  • UI, MRML interaction not expected to be working in the Alpha stage
  • Port key slicer2.x vtk classes to vtk5

Pipeline Integration

(Mike, Jags)

  • Example of how to invoke a pipeline module using the Slicer3 Execution Model syntax

Grid Integration

(Brendan, Jeff)

  • Example of how to start a condor job using the Slicer3 Execution Model syntax