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  • session leader
  • Wendy

Technology/Function description


David Gobbi: 2 items for Prostate IGT

  • Workflow
    • Sebastien already started the work.
    • Compacting the GUI for complex modules
    • It would be great to prototype the GUI using TCL/TK or Python (issues with callbacks)
  • how to add additional windows, like external display? (two screen setup)
    • issues with cross platform - abstraction layer for different screens
    • making full screen in the projection window
      • Sebastien: I think it's doable
      • Steve: 10 years ago it was with filters - window to image, image to window
      • Stephen: big workspace, automatically handled by Slicer (configuration file)
      • Wendy: shared desktop / window (performance issues)
    • Steve: Mirror a VTK window after it was rendered (send it to an image actor on the other window)
    • Stephen: More generic - send it through the network
    • Steve: use the same protocol for sending a stream of US, or other video/image (VTK based at Yale)
  • Noby: should we include it into the project?
  • David: it's a requirement for our project
  • Steve P: it is a reasonable request
  • Steve P: How about using a Web Browser (Flash client) for this? (Transmit through Internet)
  • Noby: how we access this functionality? The screen configuration button that already exists?
  • Ron: How about the Lightbox option in Slicer? Additions for IGT and stored through the MRML tree.
  • Wendy: it's part of the human interface discussion (configurable GUI)
  • Wendy: go through the GUI elements - hide/show functions
  • Csaba: can we just hide/show for ourselves this widgets, like through an XML
  • Steve: yes, that's easy to do (action item)
  • David: can we change the default 3D scene? DICOM coordinate is not in the middle of the view.
  • Steve: this look is legacy, we should think about changing it. We need to improve it.
  • Wendy: do we need the cube?
  • David: yes, it's useful
  • Steve: it should be the boundary of the volume?
  • David: almost always, something like one cube per volume
  • Steve: the cube is actually the patient. How about an outline of the human body?
  • Csaba: automatic registration of the images (volume) to an anatomical atlas is not an easy task

Human interface

  • Foot pedal: it's already implemented: socket using NaviTrack
  • Point and shout
  • Voice recognition: already used (MS technology)
  • Audio feedback when a task is completed? Or when there's a specified status, like "you're in the tumor"? Noby - we already used that
  • Error message / color feedback (like: IGSRK's red border around views) - beep is better many times

Sebastien Barre:

Potential application in IGT

Which part is already in Slicer

What is not

Who among us will take leading role?