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Events, communication and data stream


  1. Noby Hata
  2. Junichi Tokuda
  3. Steve Pieper
  4. Stephen Aylward
  5. Haiying Liu
  6. Sebastien Barre
  7. Louis Ibanez
  8. Peter Kazanzides
  9. Tina Kapur
  10. Csaba Csoma
  11. David Gobbi
  12. Ron Kikinis
  13. Patrick Cheng
  14. Ziv Yanev

Technology/Function description


Junichi Tokuda: IGTDataStream / IGT_IGSTK_Stream presentation

  • Steve P: kwWidgets - timer depends on TCL GUI (same thread).
  • Noby: What is the ideal solution for this timer?
  • Steve P: the way it is implemented now it's single threaded cooperative
  • David: the VTK Render model also is good for just GUI (periodic abort check)
  • Steve P: Consistent way of handling frame rate, level of detail etc. Progress events
  • Louis: in RTOS this would be taken care
  • Steve P: but also rendering and other should be separate processes (in sens of thread), so the OS can kill it
  • S Barre: on vista our rendering gets killed by the OS if it takes more than 2 sec (it's a bug?)
  • Louis: can we just have one thread (currently 2 threads: tracker update, render update)
  • Steve P: No. But it can add an event. Or a socket to have an event loop (FIFO) - already in the Slicer daemon.
  • Liu: what happens if the queue gets full?

Potential application in IGT

  • Timer event: periodic update from tracker / robots / devices

Which part is already in Slicer

What is not

Who among us will take leading role?