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  • New options for 3D reslice spacing/FOV (DONE):
    • default: FOV from slice viewer, resolution from Volume
    • based on volume spacing/extents
    • based on 2D view spacing/FOV
    • custom, specified in UI from Eye icon in 2d viewer
    • verify use cases for IGT and with Andrey
  • Create "units" concept in global application settings for:
    • control of labels on "size" parameters of modules. For example seeding region size for tractography etc.
    • change slider resolution for "size" parameters such as region size for tractography etc.
    • use case talk to Sylvain
  • Use volume spacing for "size" parameters:
    • Annotations size
    • Tractography seeding region parameters
    • Editor brush size
    • Others?
  • Annotation performance needs improvement
  • Create loadable DTI Label Seeding module
    • should be used together with Editor
    • combine with Fiducial Seeding
  • RAS bounding box (DONE)
    • update to volumes extent automatically (DONE)
    • dont's show the letter close to camera (DONE)
  • Add Data should present a simple dialog first with advanced options to click.
    • Simple version should look like Add Volume dialog with more file types: mrml, vtk, xfm, etc. When the filters are used, the other filetypes should be invisible.
  • Add Contribution icons to the bottom slicer bar
  • Tractography Display: add simple tree view with visibility, solid color controls
  • Annotation bugs:
    • 1714
    • 1694
    • 1387
    • 1299