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This page is a place to organize and prioritize development activities into a roadmap based on input of Slicer community and the needs of funded projects (NA-MIC, NAC, NCIGT, SlicerRT, etc...)

The list of issues targeted for each release are reported on mantis:

The topics listed below includes Slicer application and dependent ToolKit. For the specific strategy and feature lists covering modules and extensions, visit their respective roadmaps and other documentation.



  • Target release date: November 2nd 2015
  • Major changes:
    • Extensions
    • Fix targeted bugs


  • Target release date: July 30th 2014.   UPDATED

Deprecation / API Changes

List of deprecated methods / classes:

Mantis tag Deprecation:


This section list the change that should be announced/discussed on the list before been integrated into Slicer trunk.

  • CMake - Rename file SlicerMacroBuildQtModule.cmake into SlicerMacroBuildLoadableModule.cmake. See issue #3332


This section list the change that have been announced/discussed on the list and will be integrated shortly into Slicer trunk.


  • Python - Set default wait_for_completion parameter value to true in See #3600
  • Wigdets - Remove deprecated method currentNodeId. For reference see r22059.
  • Rename / Move - vtkSlicerTransformLogic will be renamed into vtkSlicerTransformModuleLogic and moved into Modules/Loadable/Transform/Logic - Consider updating the CMakeLists.txt and code of your modules. See instruction here. Associated issue #2926
  • Remove DICOMWidget.tables ivar. For reference see r24095.




  • Remove VTK4 classes. Slicer Code refactoring to use pure VTK5 API. See #3485. Checked in as r23120
  • ITKv3 support removed from build system. See r23077
  • MRML - Default value for HideFromEditors will be change to False. See #2906. Checked in as svn 22937


  • const std::vector<vtkMRMLDisplayNode*>& vtkMRMLDisplayableNode::GetDisplayNodes(); - Obsolete utility function that provides an unsafe API. Please use GetNumberOfDisplayNodes() and GetNthDisplayNode() instead
  • CMake - Macro slicerMacroBuildQtModule will be renamed into slicerMacroBuildLoadableModule. See #2648
  • CMake - Macro slicerMacroBuildScriptedModule should be used to build Scripted modules. See here for an example.
  • Library - ITKv3 support is deprecated / not maintained.
  • Scripted module should be built using SlicerMacroBuildScriptedModule instead of ctkMacroCompilePythonScript. See here.
  • Generic tests associated with Loadable and Scripted module should be built specifying the WITH_GENERIC_TESTS option. See r21768.
  • Test driver associated with loadable module should be configured using SlicerMacroConfigureModuleCxxTestDriver. See r21769.
  • CMake - Minimum required CMake version will be 2.8.9 for Windows/Linux, CMake 2.8.11 for MacOSX - See r21682
  • Library - ITKv4 will be enabled by default - See r21688
  • Library - Qt 4.8.4 will be the recommended/required version
  • Core - Removed unused class Base/Logic/vtkSlicerROILogic - See r21744
  • Move Editor icons from "Base/Logic" into "EditorLib/Resources/Icons". See r21765
  • CMake - Macro slicer_parse_arguments has been removed. Consider using cmake_parse_arguments instead. See CMakeParseArguments - See r21774
  • Python function PyRun_OpenFile/CloseFile have been removed. See r21960
  • The qMRMLNodeComboBox property currentNodeId was renamed currentNodeID. See 22052. The function setCurrentNode(const QString &) and currentNodeId() should be removed. See also r22072.
  • When using Visual Studio 8, installation of Service Pack 1 is now enforced by the build system. See r22096, r22098
  • if(NOT Slicer_SOURCE_DIR) not required any more in extension CMakeLists.txt. See r22063
  • project() statment now allowed in extension CMakeLists.txt. See r22038, r22115
  • vtkMRMLDisplayableNode::GetNthDisplayNodeByClass() has been removed
  • vtkMRMLSelectionNode::AddNewAnnotationIDToList() has been renamed into vtkMRMLSelectionNode::AddNewPlaceNodeClassNameToList()
  • vtkMRMLSelectionNode::SetReferenceActiveAnnotationID() has been renamed into vtkMRMLSelectionNode::SetReferenceActivePlaceNodeClassName
  • CMake - CMake 2.8.4 will be required. Macro Pre283CMakeParseArguments.cmake will be removed. See ce620580
  • CMake - Macro slicerMacroBuildCLI will be removed. Use SEMMacroBuildCLI instead.
  • CMake - Parameter CLI_SHARED_LIBRARY_WRAPPER_CXX of macro SEMMacroBuildCLI is removed. Use CLI_LIBRARY_WRAPPER_CXX instead.


  • CMake - Macro slicerMacroBuildCLI marked as deprecated. See r21634 and r17781.
  • CMake - Parameter CLI_SHARED_LIBRARY_WRAPPER_CXX of macro slicerMacroBuildCLI / SEMMacroBuildCLI is deprecated. Use CLI_LIBRARY_WRAPPER_CXX instead.