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Slicer 4.1 release candidate was presented to the NCIGT 2012 scientific retreat on April 5. About a dozen IGT Slicer developers discussed ideas and priorities for Slicer 4 in IGT with Steve Pieper and Nicole Aucoin. The meeting included a brief presentation of highlights and plans discussion summarized below.

  • Several groups were interested in the DICOM listener for autorouting intraoperative images directly to slicer. [1]
  • Improved fiducial support was requested:
    • better performance with tens or more fiducials
    • fixes to csv file interface (Nicole to work with Jay on details) [2] [3]
  • Support for MultiVolume datasets with fewer than six timepoints [4]
  • Usability improvements to the slice controller [5]
  • Request for fiducial hotkey [6]
  • Request to easily move through loaded volumes, perhaps with Tab key [7]
  • Option to avoid reset of slice views when volume is loaded [8]
  • Several IGT developers use windows and mentioned that they are having trouble with the windows compilation of slicer 4.1
  • Dr. Alex Golby requested an OR compatible user interface: [9]