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The "Welcome" Module

User greeting screen
Overview of Slicer layout and display
Configuring Slicer GUI layout and display

General Information

Background: this module is set as Slicer's default startup module unless a user checks the box (in the User greeting panel) to supress this behavior. If the option to show the welcome module at startup is de-selected, Slicer will display the user-specified Home module on startup. The Data Module is selected as Home unless a user explicitly chooses another module.

Module Type & Category

Type: Interactive

Category: Core Module

Authors, Collaborators & Contact

  • Wendy Plesniak, BWH
  • Ron Kikinis, BWH
  • Steve Pieper, Isomics
  • Sonia Pujol, BWH
  • Contact: Wendy Plesniak,

Module Description

This module is intended as a welcome screen and basic overview of the Slicer software.

Detailed Description

Each panel in the Welcome Module is intended to provide basic information to help new users become acquainted with Slicer. The following informational panels are provided in the module, and populate the GUI from top to bottom. They provide a brief overview of their respective topics and provide links to additional information. Note: we would like to sincerely thank members of the Slicer User Community for helping us to design this information overview.

The GUI presents the following panels.

Welcome & About:

This panel describes 3D Slicer and provides some means for continuing or supressing the automatic display of the module on startup.



This panel presents a "map" of the main application interface.


Basic & Extended Modules:

This panel presents Slicer's basic (core) modules and shows shortcuts for navigating to them and other Slicer modules.


Loading Scenes & Data:

This panel introduces the concept of MRML and describes how to load data.


Saving Scenes & Data:

This panel introduces the concept of MRML again and describes how to save data.


Adjusting Data Display:

This panel introduces the basics of adjusting display of common datatypes, such as volumes, models, and fiducials. Creating and restoring "Scene Snapshots" is also described here.


Configuring Viewers & Layout:

This panel describes ways to change Slicer's layout and tools to configure the Red, Yellow and Green slice viewers.


Mouse Modes:

This panel introduces Slicer's three mouse-modes: Pick&Manipulate, Place, and Transform.


Customizing Slicer:

This panel describes how to customize the application using the Application Settings Interface.


Other Useful Hints:

This panel presents some links for training and information.






Development of this module was supported by

  • The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center
  • The National Alliance for Medical Image Computing
  • The Neuroimage Analysis Center
  • The National Center for Image-Guided Therapy, and
  • The Surgical Planning Laboratory at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

This module was developed by Wendy Plesniak, Sonia Pujol, Steve Pieper and Ron Kikinis