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Module Name


Transform Module Panel

General Information

Module Type & Category

Type: Interactive

Category: Base

Authors, Collaborators & Contact

  • Alex Yarmarkovich, Isomics, SPL
  • Contact: Alex Yarmarkovich,

Module Description

The Transformations module creates and edits slicer Transformation nodes. Transformation nodes are used in Slicer to define spacial relationships between different nodes (such as volumes, models, fiducials, ROI's, or other Transform nodes) or between the nodes and the global RAS space. You can establish these relations by dragging the nodes under the Transformation nodes in the Data module.


The Transforms module is used for interactive editing of Transformation nodes. Transformation nodes can be both linear (expressed as 4 by 4 matrix) or non-linear warp transformations. The transformation module allow you to edit only linear Transformation nodes. The module can e used for example for manual registering of two images of the same subject accrued at different times or using different modalities. Automatic registration modules are also available in Slicer under the Registration category.

Using Transforms module you can performs the following actions:

  • Load transformations from the file. The file format is the ITK transformation

file format.

  • Create new Transformation Nodes.
  • Select existing Transformation Nodes for editing.
  • Edit individual elements of the 4 by 4 transformation matrix.
  • Specify the LR, PA, and IS translation components (mm).
  • Specify the LR, PA, and IS rotation angles (degrees).
  • Switch between different coordinate frames: local or global.
  • Set the transformation matrix to identity.
  • Invert the transformation matrix.

Examples, Use Cases & Tutorials

Quick Tour of Features and Use

  • Load: Load transformations from the file. The file format is the ITK transformation

file format.

  • Transform Editor: Edit a selected transformation node.



Known bugs

Follow this link to the Slicer3 bug tracker.

Usability issues

Follow this link to the Slicer3 bug tracker. Please select the usability issue category when browsing or contributing.

Follow this link to the vtkSlicerTransformsGUI and vtkSlicerTransformEditorWidget source code in ViewVC.

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