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Type: Interactive

Category: IGT

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This module allows you to change the model of a tracked tool for image-guided therapy. Used with the OpenIGTLink IF Module, a vtkPolyData model can be assigned to a transformation from the tracking system. This module has PolyData models for a needle and a probe. The user can also choose to toggle on/off (i) the target (tip) location and (ii) the tool projection. It is assumed that the projection of the tool is in the negative z-direction.


Examples, Use Cases & Tutorials

  • This is intended for IGT applications where virtual representation of the surgical tool is needed for interaction with an image. Currently, this module is limited to a single tool but plans are in place to expand it to multiple tools.

Quick Tour of Features and Use

  • Tool Properties Panel:
    • Probe Transform: Select the MRML node that contains the probe transform being served up from the tracking system via the OpenIGTLink IF Module.
    • Tool Type List: Select the tool type being tracked. Currently only three types are available: the OpenIGTLink Default, Needle and a Pointer Probe. It is easy to added other models by adding functions to the Logic code.
    • Enable Tool PolyDdata Checkbox: Toggle the tool on and off.
    • Show Axes Checkbox: Toggle the tool axes on and off.
    • Show Tool Projection: Toggle the projection line on and off.
    • Set Projection Length Slider: Control the length of the projection line. 250mm is the maximum (Is this reasonable?).
    • Set Projection Diamater Slider: Control the size of the radius of the projection line. 10mm is the maximum.
    • Show Tool Tip Location Checkbox: Toggle the tool tip sphere on and off.
    • Set Tool Tip Diameter Slider: Control the size of the sphere at the tool tip location. 10mm is the maximum.



  • None are needed, but you will need a transform either from OpenIGTLink or somewhere else. If you just want to test the module. Create a new transform using the Transforms Module and leave as the identity and assign that transform as the Probe Transform in this module.

Known bugs

Follow this link to the Slicer3 bug tracker.

Usability issues

Follow this link to the Slicer3 bug tracker. Please select the usability issue category when browsing or contributing.

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Developed at Northern Digital Inc. (NDI). Thanks to Chris Wedlake and John Moore at the Robarts Research Institute and the University of Western Ontario for providing their code from the Atamai Viewer for the needle and pointer probe tools.


Publications related to this module go here. Links to pdfs would be useful.