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Type: Interactive

Category: IGT

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This module is intended for use with OpenIGTLink Module. The main purpose of this module is to collect patient fiducial locations from an external tracking device. Once a tracking system, such as the NDI Aurora, is configured and transforms are being passed to Slicer, then this module will let a user collect the position of patient fiducials, which can then be registered using TransformFromFiducials Module (no Wiki page exists).


Examples, Use Cases & Tutorials

  • Given a patient with patient fiducials attached prior to imaging or appropriate anatomical landmarks, use this module to collect the locations in the tracking (or reference tool) space for registration with the fiducials or landmarks in the associated image.

Quick Tour of Features and Use

  • Tracker Information: Provide the Transform MRML node that contains the transform for the tool being tracked.
  • Fiducial List Node Selection Panel:
    • Create a new fiducial list MRML node or select an existing list.
    • Select the number of fiducials to set up the table below to have the correct number of rows. The number of fiducials should correspond to the number of fiducials that are identified in the image.
    • Initialize or reset the fiducial list. An easy way to know which fiducials have been collected, it is easier to set all of them to zero and then work through the table.
    • Get New Measure Button: Collect the current location of the tracked tool tip.
    • Save Fiducials Button: Save the fiducial locations to the fiducial list MRML node.



  • OpenIGTLink Module is needed to serve up the tracking data either via IGSTK or a custom program that serves up OpenIGT stream data.
  • Fiducial Registration Algorithm such as TransformFromFiducials (no Wiki page found for it) module in the Registration category is needed after the fiducial markers are collected.

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