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The Affine Registration module is a CLI module using the up-to-data ITK capabilities. The CLI component was implemented by Jim Miller.

  • If the intended outcome is a transformation matrix being applied to the moving volume, please use the following procedure:
  1. In the IO section select "create new transform" by clicking on the output transform pull-down menue
  2. Select the fixed and moving image and click Apply
  3. After you get the Status completed message,
    1. Go to the Data module and drag the moving volume onto the line that says Affine registatration transform
    2. Go to the transform module, select the transform you just created (even if it already shows up as a selection), at the bottom of the module click on the invert transform button
  • If the intended outcome is a resampled volume, then select Create New Volume under Output Volume, you do not have to select an output transform