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Module Type & Category

Type: CLI

Category: Diffusion.GTRACT

Authors, Collaborators & Contact

Author: This tool was developed by Vincent Magnotta and Greg Harris.

Contributors: Funding for this version of the GTRACT program was provided by NIH/NINDS R01NS050568-01A2S1

Module Description

Program title B-Spline Transform Inversion
Program version 4.0.0
Program documentation-url -
  • Input Image Files Parameters for specifying the B-Spline transform and the space to invert it in.
    • Input Reference Image Volume [--inputReferenceVolume] : Required: input image file name to exemplify the anatomical space to interpolate over.
    • Input B-Spline Transform [--inputTransform] : Required: input B-Spline transform file name
  • Output Image Files Output file from conversion from Dicom to Nrrd
    • Output Transform [--outputTransform] : Required: output transform file name
  • Transform Conversion Parameters Input parameters controlling the approximation of a B-Spline inverse by a thin-plate spline.
    • Landmark Density [--landmarkDensity] : Number of landmark subdivisions in all 3 directions