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If you encounter an error, please follow the following instructions to help us to find and fix it more quickly.

Reproduce reliably with latest version

  1. Make sure you use the latest Slicer and SlicerRT.
  2. Try to reproduce the error and filter out what steps are really required for the error to occur

Provide relevant information about the issue (send us email)

  1. Describe exactly what steps you made before the error occured
  2. What happens exactly that is the unexpected behavior
  3. Read the entries in the Error Log window, and send us the ones that seem to be related to SlicerRT
  4. Send us the contents of the Python Interactor window
  5. If needed for easier understanding, attach a screenshot
    • Use compressed format (like .png, .jpg, .gif)
  6. If you have built your version yourself (you don't use the package), add the SVN revision number (also the Slicer revision number)
    • Otherwise, report the used Slicer and SlicerRT versions (stable/nightly, which version/day)

Report issue in system (once confirmed it is something to fix on our side)

  1. Add issue to Github SlicerRT project
    • Assign to no milestone
    • Add all information from the above section to the ticket description

Thank you for helping to improve SlicerRT!