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Introduction and Acknowledgements

This work was in part funded by An Applied Cancer Research Unit of Cancer Care Ontario with funds provided by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ontario Consortium for Adaptive Interventions in Radiation Oncology (OCAIRO) to provide free, open-source toolset for radiotherapy and related image-guided interventions.
Author: Csaba Pinter (PerkLab, Queen's University), Greg Sharp (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Contact: Csaba Pinter, <email></email>
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Cancer Care Ontario  
Ontario Consortium for Adaptive Interventions in Radiation Oncology  

Module Description

The ExternalBeamPlanning module is a generic, extensible module for forward planning of external beam radiation therapy treatments.

Use Cases

  • Proton dose calculation
  • Any dose engine can be integrated (C++, Python, Matlab)
External Beam Planning module UI with a prostate proton plan
Output dose of the plan above


Panels and their use

  • External Beam Planning module
    • Basic plan data: Reference volume, Structure set, Isocenter, Target volume, Dose engine, Prescription dose
    • Beam list
  • Beams module: edit parameters of individual beams
    • Geometry
Beam geometry parameters
    • Energy (extensible by plugins)
Beam energy parameters (including proton-specific parameters)
    • Beam model (extensible by plugins)
Beam model parameters (including proton-specific parameters)

Similar Modules

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  • Sharp, G., Pinter, C., Unkelbach, J., Fichtinger, G. (2017). Open Source Proton Treatment Planning in 3D Slicer: Status Update. Proceedings to the 56 Annual Meeting of the Particle Therapy Cooperative Group (PTCOG), 8-13 May 2017. International Journal of Particle Therapy: Summer 2017, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 14-83.

Information for Developers