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What is the 3DSlicer BarCamp ?

The 3DSlicer BarCamp is a Google Plus community to share facts, idea and news related the medical imaging field and the open-source software 3DSlicer.

It can be accessed using the following URL:

How to join the 3DSlicer BarCamp ?

Join the 3DSlicer BarCamp G+ community by clicking on Join Community

How to know if a hangout is scheduled ?

You will be notified of the event when it is scheduled and when it starts.

Is a mobile phone required to attend the hangout ?

You can join using a regular computer with webcam and microphone.

Is the hangout free of charge ?

Joining the 3DSlicer community will not cost you anything, it will allow you to be aware of our weekly hangout when scheduled and post some relevant information. That will be an opportunity to have some face time with other developers and users. By checking if people are interested in joining, we simply avoid spam and unwanted traffic.

Moderators: How to approve/reject requests ?

Starting August 24th, anyone can join the 3DSlicer BarCamp community without pre-approval. The ITK community applied the same model for quite some time without any issue, let's the experiment begin.

If you are a community moderator, you could send the following message to confirm the interest of folks that would like to join:

Make sure to update <FUTURE_MEMBER_NAME> and <YOUR_NAME>.


You recently requested to join the 3DSlicer Barcamp community on Google plus. Before approving your request, I am reaching to you to make sure this community aligns with your interests.

The main idea behind this community is to share facts, idea and news related the medical imaging field and the open-source software 3DSlicer [1][2]

Let me know if you are still interested and will gladly approve your request,

<YOUR_NAME> on behalf of the 3D Slicer community


If few days/weeks later, you haven't heard back you could send the following message:


Not having heard back from you I will cancel your request. If you think this is a mistake, do not hesitate to contact us on the Slicer user or developer mailing list.


<YOUR_NAME> on behalf of the 3D Slicer community

Moderator: How to schedule an hangout ?

See Developer_Meetings/OrganizerInstruction