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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Extension: ResectionPlanner
Author: Matt Lougheed (Queen's University)
Contact: Matt Lougheed, <email></email>

Module Description

ResectionVolume uses fiducials to generate 3D convex-hull shapes which can be used to recolor a label map.

Use Cases

1. Input labelmap model
2. Place fiducials
3. Generate 3D surface
4. Recolor label map


Panels and their use

ResectionVolume Panel.PNG

Fiducial Points - The points used to generate a 3D surface

Resection area model - Model for the 3D surface

Generate resection surface - Checkbox for generating the 3D surface after fiducial points and resection area model have been specified

Label map - The label map to be recolored

Label value for recoloring - The label map value to be recolored

Label value for resection area - The value to be recolored to

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