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This page keep tracks of the progress done toward the conversion from (1) Slicer svn repository mirror onto github into (2) a only git repository.

Removing binary data from history


  • Speedup time required to checkout Slicer source code.
  • Quote "Because of the decentralized nature of Git, which means every developer has the full change history on his or her computer, changes in large binary files cause Git repositories to grow by the size of the file in question every time the file is changed and the change is committed. The growth directly affects the amount of data end users need to retrieve when they need to clone the repository." See


Some stats:

  • Hina, Jc (from Kitware Carrboro): 3min30sec
  • Andrey (SPL): 2m13s
  • Steve (Cambridge): 21s (full history), 8s (with --depth=1)

Related issues


Since contribution have been integrated using the svn dcommit --add-from-author, the history should be filtered to change the commit author as specified in the From: statement.

In addition, the following update should be considered:

  • r22869 -> Franklinwk <>
  • r23080 -> Co-authored-by: Andras Lasso <>
  • r23506 -> Andras Lasso <>
  • r23758 -> Andras Lasso <>
  • r24061 -> Alireza Mehrtash <>
  • r24309 -> Andras Lasso <>
  • r24631 -> Co-authored-by: Max Smolens <>
  • r24720 -> Change author email to
  • r25140 -> Hastings Greer <>
  • r25744 -> Add Suggested-by: Alexis Girault <>
  • r26841 -> From: Gregory C. Sharp <>, Co-authored-by: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin <>
  • r26856 -> Adam Rankin <>
  • r26987 -> Fernando Perez-Garcia <>
  • r28318 -> lopezmt <>, lopezmt -> Mateo Lopez
  • r28328 -> Kyle Sunderland <>, Co-authored-by: Andras Lasso <>
  • r28714 -> Sankhesh Jhaveri <>

Commit message

The following commit message could be fixed:

STYLE: Add test for CLI Node status update

This commit adds a test checking that CLI status has the expected
value following StatusModifiedEvent.

Possible status are the following:


Note that the status is inconsistently update between synchronous and asynchronous mode. This
will be addressed in a follow up commit.

Redirect to setup

Setup infrastructure to streamline writing of release notes


  • Reduce Release Process overall time by streamlining the generation of the list of improvements and fixes associated with Release announcement. Compiling this list currently consists in scraping the list of commits and PRs since the last release.
  • Involve developers of features and fixes in the writing and review of release note
  • Always have an up-to-date list documenting the list of features and fixes associated with the upcoming release

Possible Approach:

  • Developers should add a `name-of-the-note.rst` file for each topic branch making a noteworthy change. Each document should be named and titled to match the topic name to avoid merge conflicts. This is similar to approach used by CMake (see When releasing the collection of files is combined into one document.
  • When relevant, images should be associated.
  • Release highlight would still be manually crafted.

Useful References