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Since Slicer r24561 from Sept 17th 2015, NumPy 1.9.2 has been integrated.


  • Slicer is currently building Numpy 1.4.1. We would like to upgrade to a more recent version of Numpy to bring the latest and greatest of Numpy to Slicer community.


  • #3158 - Building Slicer with numpy-1.4.1 failed using VS2010
  • #3159 - Update Slicer build system to use numpy 1.7.1
  • #3160 - Make sure numpy 1.7.1 can be build on Unix and MacOSx without requiring Fortran compiler


Possible approaches

  • Keep the current version and back-port to vs2010/12 support.
  • Use different version for windows (1.7.1) and unix-like (1.4.1) system.
  • Ideally, use 1.7.1 on all platform/compiler.