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This document presents the steps allowing to share and associate a dataset with an issue.

Create account

1. If not yet done, create an account on our dedicated server: by clicking on "Register" in the upper right corner.

Create directory structure

2. Create the following structure in your user public folder clicking on the "Create new folder" link

Upload options

3. There are now two options:


3.1. Create and upload a TGZ archive.


3.2. Upload a folder containing all the data.

Share download link

4. Reference the data in the issue tracker

Uploaded archive

Uploaded folder


The process could be streamlined and simplified by for example ...

  • ... customizing Mantis so that it exposes an additional upload field that would upload the data to midas


  • ... enhance Midas so that if a mantis issue is referenced in description, a note is automatically added on mantis


 ... <your idea>