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  • Standard color names and values:
  • Go here to create a text file in Slicer LUT format. WARNING: the conversion fails on the alpha channel if using rgba(R, G, B, 255) instead of rgb(R, G, B) or rgba(R, G, B, 1.0). If the last column of the generated text file contains 65025, change it to 255.

Knee Atlas Lookup Table

Link to actual File: File:KneeAtlasLabels.txt

integer_label text_label color
0 (none) rgba(0,0,0,0.000)
9 infrapatellar fat body rgb(230,220,70)
12 vastus lateralis muscle rgb(206,111,93)
13 vastus medialis muscle rgb(206,111,93)
15 biceps femoris muscle rgb(206,111,93)
16 semimembranosus muscle rgb(206,111,93)
17 semitendinosus muscle rgb(206,111,93)
18 gracilis muscle rgb(206,111,93)
19 sartorius muscle rgb(206,111,93)
20 medial head gastrocnemius muscle rgb(206,111,93)
21 lateral head gastrocnemius muscle rgb(206,111,93)
22 popliteus muscle rgb(206,111,93)
23 soleus muscle rgb(206,111,93)
24 tibialis anterior muscle rgb(206,111,93)
25 extensor digitorum longus muscle rgb(206,111,93)
26 peroneus longus muscle rgb(206,111,93)
31 anterior cruciate ligament rgb(183,214,211)
32 posterior cruciate ligament rgb(183,214,211)
33 fibular collateral ligament rgb(183,214,211)
34 tibial collateral ligament rgb(183,214,211)
35 patellar ligament rgb(183,214,211)
41 adductor magnus tendon rgb(152,189,207)
42 biceps femoris tendon rgb(152,189,207)
43 iliotibial tract rgb(240,220,220)
44 popliteus tendon rgb(152,189,207)
46 soleus tendon rgb(152,189,207)
47 semitendinosus tendon rgb(152,189,207)
48 gracilis tendon rgb(152,189,207)
61 peroneus nerve rgb(224,194,0)
62 tibialis nerve rgb(224,194,0)
63 muscular branches tibialis nerve rgb(224,194,0)
64 medial sural cutaneous nerve rgb(224,194,0)
71 popliteal artery rgb(216,101,79)
72 popliteal vein rgb(0,151,206)
73 superior medial genicular artery rgb(216,101,79)
74 superior lateral genicular artery rgb(216,101,79)
75 middle genicular artery rgb(216,101,79)
77 great saphenous vein rgb(0,151,206)
78 small saphenous vein rgb(0,151,206)
81 lateral meniscus rgb(178,212,242)
82 medial meniscus rgb(178,212,242)
83 femoral cartilage rgb(111,184,210)
84 lateral tibial cartilage rgb(111,184,210)
85 medial tibial cartilage rgb(111,184,210)
86 patellar cartilage rgb(111,184,210)
95 femur rgb(241,214,145)
96 tibia rgb(241,214,145)
97 fibula rgb(241,214,145)
98 patella rgb(241,214,145)