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This page documents the tweak and configuration details specific to Slicer bug trackers.

Allow Reporter, updater, developer to add notes even if issue is resolved or closed

In Manage -> Manage Projects -> Slicer4 -> Manage Configuration -> Configuration Report

Add a new entry:

* Username: All Users
* Project: Slicer4
* Configuration Option: update_readonly_bug_threshold
* Type: integer
* Value: 25
* Access Level: administrator


Add Reporter field in the View Issues page

In Manage -> Manage Configuration -> Configuration Report

Then, in "Set Configuration Option":

  • Username: All users
  • Project name: Slicer4
  • Configuration Option: view_issues_page_columns
  • Type: default
  • Value: array ( selection, edit, priority, id, sponsorship_total, bugnotes_count, attachment, category, severity, reporter_id, status, last_updated, summary )
  1. category should be used instead of category_id

.. and click on "Set Configuration Option"