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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Contributors: Kevin Wang (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre), Winnie Li (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)
Contact: Kevin Wang, <email></email>
License: Slicer license


Extension Description

Multidimensional data is an extension of 3D Slicer to allow creating and visualization of higher-dimension data nodes, such as 4D volumes, models changing in time, markups changing in time, sequences of transforms, scene camera trajectory, or even sequence of sequences. Software features include:

  • Synthetic dose volume generation for testing.
  • Motion simulation for systematic and random errors.
  • Dose population histogram generation based on motion simulation.
  • A complete simulation module for margin calculation.


Use Cases

  • Comparison of different RT plans with specific margin using dose population histogram
  • Evaluation of effect of different margin in RT plan
  • Calculation of PTV margin


  • TBA

Similar Extensions

  • SlicerRT: SlicerRT and Margin Calculator are complementary software. Margin Calculator focuses specifically on the RT plan margin calculation, while SlicerRT aims for providing an easy-to-use interface for a wide range of stable, well-tested radiotherapy related features.
  • Gel Dosimetry: Slicelet facilitating a streamlined workflow to perform gel dosimetry analysis for commissioning linacs and evaluating new dose calculation procedures


C. Pinter, A. Lasso, A. Wang, D. Jaffray and G. Fichtinger, "SlicerRT – Radiation therapy research toolkit for 3D Slicer", Med. Phys., 39(10) pp. 6332-6338, 2012

Information for Developers