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Introduction and Acknowledgements

This work is part of the SparKit project, funded by An Applied Cancer Research Unit of Cancer Care Ontario with funds provided by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ontario Consortium for Adaptive Interventions in Radiation Oncology (OCAIRO) to provide free, open-source toolset for radiotherapy and related image-guided interventions.
Author: Kevin Wang (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)
Contact: Kevin Wang, <email></email>
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Cancer Care Ontario  
Software Platform and Adaptive Radiotherapy Kit  
Ontario Consortium for Adaptive Interventions in Radiation Oncology  

Module Description

The Isodose module creates isosurfaces from an input dose volume and a series of defined isodose levels. The output is a series of surface models grouped under a hierarchy node parent that can be visualized either in the 3D viewer or overlaid on image slices.

Use Cases

Generate isodose lines and surfaces for a dose distribution

Isodose module UI
Isodose views


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Panels and their use

  • Input
    • Dose volume
    • Number of Iso levels
    • Iso levels table: color, label and opacity can be set to the isodose surfaces individually
    • Apply: Create isodose surfaces
  • Display options
    • Show isodose lines: Show/hide isodose lines in 2D slice viewers
    • Show isodose surfaces: Show/hide isodose surfaces in the 3D view

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