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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Extension: AirwaySegmentation
Acknowledgments: This work is supported by NA-MIC, the Slicer Community and University College of Cork.
Author: Pietro Nardelli (University College Cork)
Contact: Pietro Nardelli, <email></email>

National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC)  
University College Cork (UCC)  
Bioelectromagnetics group UCC  
Surgical Planning Laboratory (SPL)  

Module Description

AirwaySegmentation is a simple CLI module for airway segmentation starting from chest CT images. This CLI uses a modified version of ITK's itkConnectedThresholdImageFilter to segment all the pixels with an intensity below a threshold. The threshold is automatically identified by the module. The user has to specify three fiducial points: one in the trachea, and two in the main bronchi of the left and right lungs. These fiducials are the starting points for the region growing segmentation. No more than 3 seed points are allowed.

Use Cases

  • Airway Segmentation starting from chest CT datasets
Airway Segmentation Module



Panels and their use

  • Segmentation Parameters: Input parameters for segmentation.
    • Airway Label Value: The integer value (0-255) to use for the segmentation results. This will determine the color of the segmentation that will be generated by the algorithm.
    • Seeds: Seed points for the algorithm. Three seeds points must be placed. The first one in the trachea, the others in the main bronchi of the left and right lungs.
  • IO: Input and Output parameters.
    • Input Volume: Input chest CT dataset to be segmented.
    • Output Parameters: Output label.

The user interface panel:

AirwaySegmentation Module GUI

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Information for Developers

The code is available at Github.