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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Extension: XNATSlicer
Acknowledgments: TBD
Author: Sunil Kumar (Washington University in St. Louis)
Contributors: Dan Marcus (Washington University in St. Louis), Steve Pieper (SPL)
Contact: Sunil Kumar, <email></email>

National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC)  
The Neuroinformatics Research Group - WUSTL  

Module Description

Secure GUI-based IO with any XNAT server. Powered by PyXNAT. Win64 for now.


  • Download and view
    • Scans (individual or batch)
    • Bundled Slicer scenes (*.mrb)
    • Any Slicer-readable file
  • Upload
    • Bundled Slicer scenes (*.mrb)
  • Other
    • Project and folder creation
    • File deletion

Install Instructions

The only step needed is to make sure you have Read+Write permissions for your Slicer install directory. (If you already do, you can proceed to the First Login section.)

You're all set. Just load up the XNATSlicer module and click the "Login" button, and the module will install the additional libraries for you. If you need a walkthrough, look below.

First Login

Use Cases


Panels and their use

  • Secure login
  • Status updater
  • Project and file browser
    • Traverse via tree
    • Download/view
    • Upload
    • Create projects and folders
    • Delete folders and files

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