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For the latest Slicer documentation, visit the read-the-docs.

The following instructions describes the recommended workflow to contribute patch to Slicer code base.

It is also assumed you followed the New community member checklist and have a clone of

If not already done, make sure to read the Slicer Coding Style Guide :-)

  • 1. Create an issue in the tracker. For example, see issue #1906
  • 2. Make sure your fork has a git remote. Replace jcfr with your git login.
git remote add jcfr
  • 3. Create a topic named <issuer_number>-a-descriptive-topic-name. For example:
git checkout -b 1906-uninstall-extensions-on-restart
  • 4. Add a note to the issue with a link pointing to your topic. For example, see note 1906#c4578
  • 5. Send an email on the slicer-developers list pointing to the reported bug. Title of the email should start with [BUG <IssueNumber>] Title of the bug - <category>

Mantis workflow

The following diagram illustrates Slicer issue workflow:


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