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Introduction and Acknowledgements


Extension: SlicerDevelopmentToolbox
Acknowledgments: This work is supported in part by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering of the National Institutes of Health through the following grants:

Contributors: Christian Herz (SPL), Andrey Fedorov (SPL)
Contact: Christian Herz, <email></email>, Andrey Fedorov, <email></email>

License: Slicer License

Quantitative Image Informatics for Cancer Research  
Surgical Planning Laboratory (SPL)  
National Center for Image Guided Therapy (NCIGT)  

Extension Description

SlicerDevelopmentToolbox extension is a collection of python classes that facilitate the development process of patterns that continuously occur:

  • widgets
  • mixins
  • helpers
  • decorators
  • predefined events
  • constants

Information for Developers


TODO: add more screenshots and description