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This tutorial will demonstrate how UI file created using QtDesigner can be loaded and used from a python script loaded using the Slicer python interactor.

As depicted below, let's assume you created a UI file where a QLineEdit and QPushButton are layout horizontally.

Example of UI file with a QPushButton and QLineEdit

The following code snippet aims at loading the UI file and connecting the associated QPushButton and QLineEdit.

line_edit_widget = slicer.util.loadUI("/home/jchris/Projects/sandbox/qSlicerLineEditWidget.ui")

# Get references to both the QPushButton and the QLineEdit
clear_button = line_edit_widget.findChild(qt.QPushButton, 'ClearButton')
line_edit = line_edit_widget.findChild(qt.QLineEdit, 'LineEdit')

clear_button.connect('clicked()', line_edit, 'clear()') 

Loading the UI file and accessing the associated objects is internally done using QUILoader.