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For the latest Slicer developers documentation, visit the Nightly page.

New community member checklist

  Check.svg   Join

Sign up on Slicer discourse website to make sure you hear of new developments, releases and bug fixes.
Sign-up on Github and "star" the Slicer project to show your support (click on the "Star" icon in the top-left corner).
Register on the issue tracker
Join the 3DSlicer BarCamp G+ community.

  Check.svg   Read

Scan through developer FAQ.
Read the Slicer Style Guidelines so that we all understand each other :)

  Check.svg   Create

Step-by-step: How to create, build, test, distribute and maintain an extension ?
Step-by-step: How to build Slicer ?

  Check.svg   Contribute

To improve this wiki: request an account.
Step-by-step: How to contribute a patch ?