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This page documents the tweak and configuration details specific to Slicer bug trackers.

Allow Reporter, updater, developer to add notes even if issue is resolved or closed

In Manage -> Manage Projects -> Slicer4 -> Manage Configuration -> Configuration Report

Add a new entry:

* Username: All Users
* Project: Slicer4
* Configuration Option: update_readonly_bug_threshold
* Type: integer
* Value: 25
* Access Level: administrator


Add Reporter field in the View Issues page

In Manage -> Manage Configuration -> Configuration Report

Then, in "Set Configuration Option":

  • Username: All users
  • Project name: Slicer4
  • Configuration Option: view_issues_page_columns
  • Type: default
  • Value: array ( selection, edit, priority, id, sponsorship_total, bugnotes_count, attachment, category, severity, reporter_id, status, last_updated, summary )
  1. category should be used instead of category_id

.. and click on "Set Configuration Option"


Allow Gravatars

The Mantis issue tracker is enabled to use the Gravatar web service to display a user avatar in certain views. This solves this request in the issue tracker.


The user must register the same email used in Mantis with Gravatar. The process is simple, and similar to what's described for MantisHub.

The Administrator must install the Gravatar plugin (bundled). In the configuration file, we turn on the option.

$g_show_avatar = ON; // defaults to OFF;

Set Color Scheme

The default color scheme for the newly rolled out v2.4.1 was too faded, so we use these colors instead

$g_status_colors = array(
        'new'          => '#ef2929', # scarlet red
        'feedback'     => '#75507b', # plum
        'acknowledged' => '#f57900', # orango
        'confirmed'    => '#fce94f', # butter
        'assigned'     => '#729fcf', # sky blue
        'resolved'     => '#8ae234', # chameleon
        'closed'       => '#babdb6'  # aluminum


Plugins are listed at and also at

Bundled Plugins

I installed the 3 bundled plugins:

  1. Gravatar - enables user avatars; see section above
  2. graphs plugin - it enhances the graphs displayed in the summary section such as
  3. import/export plugin - allows Administrators to import and export issues in XML

Additional Plugins

  1. The Source Integration plugin, along with the SourceGitHub plugin were installed and configured to integrate the and slicer repos. Furthermore, I configured it to add search. A cron job is setup to periodically fetch repo updates into Mantis.

Enable Markdown

There is a configuration setting for processing markdown in the core formatting plugin.

  1. (Administrator) Navigate to the Manage Plugins page.
  2. Then click the title for the Mantis Core Formatting plugin to access it's setting page
  3. Tick the box for processing Markdown and save.