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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Authors: Junichi Tokuda and Laurent Chauvin (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts)
Contact: Junichi Tokuda,
License: Slicer license

Extension Description

VolumeRelisceDriver is a module to update volume resample (or reslice) plane by:

  • Linear transform node imported from external 3D tracking tools through OpenIGTLink
  • Position and orientation of 2D imaging plane imported from external imaging scanners such as ultrasound and MRI

The module is designed for image-guided therapy applications, where surgical tools are navigated by resliced volumetric image or real-time images.

Use Cases

  • Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided prostate interventions
  • Neurosurgical navigation
  • Navigation for RF/cryo ablation of abdominal organ.
Screenshot of VolumeResliceDriver


  • Under preparation

Similar Extensions

  • OpenIGTLinkIF: VolumeResliceDriver is designed to be used with OpenIGTLinkIF, which allows importing real-time tool tracking data from external tracking devices e.g. optical tracking system, EM tracking system or real-time image stream from external imaging scanners over the network.


Information for Developers