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To Discuss


  • Since SimpleITK in Slicer works with current Mac OSX and Xcode developers are encouraged to move to that config. Older versions have several complexities that are hard to manage.
  • Lots of good Slicer-related things happened at RSNA.
  • The group determined that conda in Slicer is still a difficult topic that is unlikely to be resolved soon. Basically a major effort would be required to rework Slicer to be more compatible with the conda build system in a way that all the standard packages could be made to work. It was also pointed out that since Slicer relies on custom versions of DCMTK, VTK etc it would mean having a parallel set of slicer-specific conda packages for those dependencies. Instead it's planned that Slicer could incorporate more of the standard python packages. Jc pointed out that there is some funding at Kitware to work with the python community on this.
  • Project week will be busy.
  • Steven will take a first look at bug 4090 and get help from Nicole later in the week as needed.