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To Discuss

  • Improving MacOSX user experience: Integrated File menu ? See below


  • Agreed that better integration makes sense. There are no magic bullet, we will have to try, do screenshot and find out what makes sense.
    • For example: What about the Open ? etc ...
  • Discussed improvement to CDash
  • Jc: I will create a page documenting our plan to improve the build infrastructure and speed up build
  • Discussed the integration of the Tables module and relation to color tables and Atlas work of Mike
  • Mike: Working on documenting the download page API
  • Andras: Ownership of extension not actively maintained could be transferred to Slicer organization
  • Mike: Talked about Firebase technology and how it could be useful within CDash

Integrated File menu

These screenshots show the usage in Slicer of the main Slicer and View menus on Mac, compared to Chrome and to Apple Mail. The main menu of Slicer has no application settings or preferences, as do the other programs. This could make it hard for a user to find these things (I could not find them initially--Lauren).

Main menu Slicer Mac (Does not have preferences or settings, which was confusing)
Main menu Chrome Mac
Main menu Mail Mac

View menu Slicer Mac (Does not have many view options, which is ok)
View menu Chrome Mac
View menu Mail Mac