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To Discuss


  • Nicole:
    • MRB work - almost ready. Would need to be reviewed.
    • Discussed bug and test py_FiducialLayoutSwitchBug1914: check to see if testing the right thing (is the 6-30 pixel difference due to aspect ratio but the fid is still lined up to the right location on the volume?)
  • Window/Level - James working on the issue
  • Michael shared his work related to Atlas management. (See below)
  • Discussed introduction of dock widget to manager widgets:
    • DataProbe could be moved into its own dockable widget
    • ModulePanel could be moved into its own dockable widget with the help icon showing help + achnowledgment
    • ModuleSelector could be moved into the module panel => this will then allow to more easily show multiple module

2015-05-12 Michael-Atlas-Vis.png