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To discuss



  • Python module infrastructure improvement
    • Since commit r24155, scripted module are imported as python module.
    • The next change will be to support loading of slicer scripted module as regular python module (a folder with
    • A landmark file could be added to scripted module folder (slicer.json or slicer-module.json)
    • This landmark file could then be used to speedup the startup time by loading only the core scripted module.
  • CLI and loadable module infrastructure improvement
    • Similarly to scripted module, the Slicer module loader could look for a landmark file
  • Python interactor improvement
    • Would be nice to have history, support for CTRL-A and CTRL-R
    • We discussed the integration of readline or libedit but that could be a lot of work for a small gain
    • Instead trying to integrate IPython would provide us with a lot.
      • Some work to integrate ctkPythonConsole and IPython has been started last year (See QEmbedIPython)
    • Could also look at javascript implementation of console (Steve: Could you edit and add reference ?)