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To discuss

  • Scene views and MRBs, specifically regarding fiducials as described in this issue.
    • Fiducials have transitioned back to being stored on disk in files (one per list) rather than in the mrml scene file. This means that when they appear in scene views, the data that is stored on disk does not get updated on scene view restore, so fiducial position, visibility etc don't change. This highlights the issues in this issue about having to be either more clear about what scene views are (currently restrictued to viewing options), or changing Slicer to support different data in scene views (updated models, changed volumes, moved fiducials, etc). This would at the minimum require:
      • on scene view creation/save to disk creating unique file names for storage nodes in the scene views
      • on scene view restore, triggering read from disk to update data
      • on MRB load, not deleting the temporary directory so that it can be read from
    • The MRML save process adds a "Master Scene View" that gets skipped for file path updating in MRB save
      • This causes some errors when file paths are checked after a scene has been saved to MRML first, then to MRB.


  • SceneView - Idea:
    • Scene inheritance
    • One scene view per MRML file
    • Reference data by hash - Content based addressing
    • Each scene view has a sub-directory