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To discuss

The following topics are the continuation of discussion from 20141230 meeting.

  • DICOM export improvements
    • possible improvements to deal with all types of objects versus just one and ignoring the rest, as well as having to pass information between plugins
  • possibility to add multidimen data to slicer superbuild and ask people to migrate their modules to use it in stead of the multivolume module.
  • a new PET SUV module and how best to display results (data probe mouse over showing calculation at each voxel vs returning a new volume with the calculation as the image data)


  • Discussed Dicom export - Kevin will talk to Csaba to continue the work.
  • Discussed integrating multidimen data into slicer superbuild and agreed it is a natural step to do. Kevin to discuss with Andras to get final approval and then will start the integration.
  • Discussed PET SUV calculation work in Slicer community.
  • Discussed how to work around for extensions that are only built and tested on certain platform (such as windows).
    • Developers should keep in mind to make their code cross-platform but can state that they can only support in certain platform.
    • in extension CMakeLists.txt, check build platform and disable building for other unsupported platforms.