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To discuss


  • #3894: If issue occurs again, print statement or break point could be added to the function qSlicerCoreApplicationPrivate::discoverSlicerHomeDirectory()
  • Limitation of current label map implementation:
    • No overlapping contour
    • Only binary object
    • Not possible to store segmentation results
    • Closed surface needed in 3D not possible
    • Display of overlapping contour not possible
    • Different representation of the segmentation information are needed for different application
  • Proposal:
    • New SegmentationNode that could be derived from vtkMRMLScalarVolumeNode while transistioning
    • SegmentationNode: Can contain up to N segments
    • More details on the proposal page
  • Data structure to consider ITK LabelMap:
    • Support collection of overlapping integer based label maps