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To discuss

  • Release status


  • We reviewed blowekamp/Slicer@RemoveITKv3CompatibilityAnalyze and will integrate the first two commit. The removal of ITKDeprecated will be done after checking extension are not requiring it. Check.svg. First two commit from Brad have been integrated (r23663), the removal of ITKDeprecated will be done when issue #3825 will be addressed.
  • Issue 3824 will be resolved. It will be re-opened providing more details later when Kilian is back. I also posted a comment asking Hans what I is thinking.
  • Release is planned for beginning of next week. (Sept 15th)
  • Nicole work related to Markup will be integrated in a patch release.
  • After the release (4.4), the version number will be bumped to 4.5
  • Following the release, the idea would be to complete the remaining work to transition to git