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To discuss

  • Review Roadmap and issue tracker
  • Open discussion, Q&A


  • Extensions: We will add a convenience launcher to allow easy use of the ExtensionWizard (Jc & Matt W.)
  • SubjectHierarchy: Csaba will rebase the commits and then integrate into Slicer core
  • Matt M. will look at jsonld and finalize integration of the parameter serializer
  • Update of Teem version
    • Currently using teem-1.1.10 (Dec 10, 2008) built from source. See here
    • The idea would be to use teem-1.1.11 when available ? or teem trunk ?
    • Raul will check with Gordon what is the status.
    • Question to address:
      • In case we depend on teem master/trunk/release-branch ... is there a github repo that could be forked and would make contribution of fixes easier ?
      • vtkTeem: In Slicer we are maintaining a layer allowing to easily expose teem by integrating VTK and teem. See here, should we change anything ?
      • vtkTeem: Should this later be maintained in a dedicated repository ? With it own dashboard and testing infrastructure ?