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To discuss


  • Will stick with ITK 4.5.2 with Slicer patches
  • Will update SimpleITK to include filter like LabelShapeStatisticsImageFilter Check.svg. See r23215
  • Subject hierarchy: We will have a testable branch next week.
  • We will re-assess the timeline next week
  • Package signing - check the current status and move forward (Jc)
  • Additional reader here for convenience and not actively supported or developed
  • Create link to 4.4 issue for each developer (Jc) Check.svg
    • Created a set of convenient public mantis filters:
      • [Myself] issue-4.4-major
      • [Myself] issue-4.4-minor
      • [Myself] issue-4.4-feedback-expected
      • [Myself] issue-4.4-feedback-requested
  • Before switching to VT6 in the trunk - Wait for more developer to test it.
  • Document the "help_wanted" category