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To discuss

  • Upgrade ITK Version: v4.5.0++ w/ patches on release branch
  • How to handle libc++ on OSX?
    • The std library can be detected with a normal try_compile.
      • It must be BEFORE any other caching try_compiles.
      • The stdlib can be set as in the CMake variables.
    • Do we need to detect what Qt is compile against? and set the standard lib as a required flag across super build projects?
    • How should this be handled in SimpleITK's super build and non-super builds?
  • Enabling Threading in SimpleITK, and other Python Threading issues.
    • Options for Qt Event loop which unlock the Python GIL
    • Generalizing Threading Logic into a reusable python base class


  • Update Slicer ITK hash to HEAD of release branch (Feb 5 2014)
  • Experiment:
    • Brad: Slicer built with -stdlib=libc++, SimpleITK with -std=c++11
  • Integrate Brad request to enable SimpleITK threading support
  • Review + integrate retina topic
  • Non-linear topic - Fix unix compile error + wait for Csaba feedback