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To discuss

  • VTK6 integration status update (Yuzheng Zhou). See integration status
    • Why?
      • VTK 6 doesn't provide backwards compatibility for lots of APIs with VTK 4 and 5.
      • In VTK 6, data and execution “models” (algorithms) are seperated. A vtkDataObject doesn't contain the pipeline information anymore.
    • What are needed to do:
      • Done: build system migration (conditional build Slicer and dependency projects using VTK 5 or VTK 6)
      • Done: removal of VTK 4 backwards compatibility superclasses (vtkProcessObject, vtkSource and all of their subclasses)
      • In progress (90% done): removal of the pipeline meta-data API from vtkDataObject (E.g. AllocateScalars(), SetWholeExtent(), etc.)
      • In progress (90% done): removal of Data Objects’ Dependency on the Pipeline (E.g. RequestData(), ExecuteData(), SetInput(), Update() etc.)
      • TODO: testing


  • vtkITK: VTKGlue ?