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News & Update

  1. RSNA tutorials and both were very successful (see below). No crashes or issues in tutorials. Big thanks to everyone for the hard work!
  2. Second viewer camera corruption with timer events
  3. Discuss transition to git
    1. Jc: Need to filter out the data.
  4. Discuss relocation of vtkImageResliceMask with Alex. See [1]
  5. Discuss plans for Project Week



  1. RSNA
  2. Dual view issue:
    1. Jc will investigate within ctkVTKAbstractView
  3. SVN -> GIT:
    1. Andras suggested to keep SVN repo in read access
    2. Jc will remove large data and replace with a script (to be validated by Kitware git gurus)
  4. vtkImageResliceMask:
    2. Alex will move vtkImageResliceMask into MRML/Core
    3. Alex will move ApplyTransform into the logics (Julien suggested to register logics into the transforms logic)
    4. Alex will create a NonLinear transform Project week event to further discuss the design&API with Andras, Csaba...