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To discuss

  • dimensionality

The first part of the "dimensionality" problem (#1694, #2973, #2480...) is already part of Slicer 4.3:
As of now possible to control (via settings) the default number of decimals for "length" aware widgets. Moreover 
the number of decimals is dynamic in a sense that it adapts to best fit the input value. The user is also able to 
edit that precision on each widget individually.

The second part is to be able to change the order of magnitude of the values displayed to the user. This second part 
is soon to be ready to be merged into Slicer. It is however still a bit experimental.

According to the release schedule (see [1]) , to the value of the feature and to the potential impact on the code 
base, is it something that can still go in the release. Or should we wait the next release ?

Note that if the user does not play with the units, it should not bring too much regression (part #2 comes primarily 
from CTK and is not really MRML related).

I think we should remain conservative and focus on the issue currently targeted for 4.3. 

To help us take a final decision, few questions / remarks:

 - Better management of units and dimensionality for 4.3 would be great

 - Could you share topic(s) illustrating the extent of the changes ? 


 - Can you confirm that this new set of commit will behave as expected after the work of Nicole related
 to "Markups" module will be integrated ?
It will still works fine with the Annotations, however, it might require some minor work to work with 
the markups module 

 - Can you confirm that it build on MacOSX/ Linux / Windows ... doing Experimental builds on the factory 
could be used to confirm this.
Have tried Linux and Windows, not macosx yet 

 - Any impact on existing extensions ?
It should not impact extensions.