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To discuss

  • Release plans
    • Need to have a version/stable release for upcoming training events starting in September
    • Need time to test and update documentation
  • Triage of the 4.3 release roadmap
    • What to do with 'unfunded' feature requests and issues? Suggestion is to assign them to None as a flag that these are good project for new developers to address.
  • How to simplify the workflow for contributing extensions. Goal: That a biomedical engineer can contribute an extension without hand holding.
    • Documentation to warn against adding new libraries and listing of ones that are available.
    • One click upload
  • #3200: Option to make non-interpolated views as default
    • Sorry I won't make the hangout. Viewing individual pixels is generally useful for technical work, such as medical physics. It is a common feature in commercial programs, and we eventually will want in Slicer, but not terribly urgent. -Greg
    • It is available on a per volume level in the volume module and on a per volume and viewer level in the Slice viewers/3D viewers.
different interpolation options in slice and 3D viewers
Turn off interpolation attribute of the volume using the slice view controller
  • Why does this work to get at displayable managers in python:

lm =
td = lm.threeDWidget(0)
ms = td.getDisplayableManagers()

  • but not this:


  • Answer: we need an __initi.py__ with from MRMLDisplayableManagerPython import * similar to Base/Python/
  • Also, why are the public methods in the superclass vtkMRMLAnnotationDisplayableManager not available when getting a vtkMRMLAnnotationFiducialDisplayableManager?

lm =
td = lm.threeDWidget(0)
ms = td.getDisplayableManagers()
afdm = ms.GetItemAsObject(4)