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To discuss

  • the discussion about how to reorganize the modules in Slicer should continue.

  • installed extensions do not display their logos but a generic image. Why?
This generic logo is displayed for all installed extensions
  • the majority of the extensions do not have "advertising" information available. Where does this information come from?
This is an example of the lack of advertising information that should be provided. virtually none of the extensions have that information available.
  • The social media buttons do not work. What is their function?
    • Jc: Waiting the functionality is implemented. Button will be hidden. See slicerappstore/pull/38
      These buttons do not do anything right now. If they were functional, what would they accomplish?
The squashed images look terrible. Also note that even the social network icons are incorrectly resized so that google plus turns into google minus! Fail.
  • Extension screenshots have the wrong aspect ratio
    • appstore code should letterbox the images and not do a non-uniform scale
  • Release scheduling for 4.3, 4.4 (Roadmap)
    • Remaining ITKv4 issues (broken CLIs, failing tests, win32 builds, others...?)
    • Turning on SimpleITK
  • Ohloh presence:
From Jc:
There are currently three results for "Slicer4. See
 - Slicer4:
 - pieper's Slicer4:
 - Slicer:
We should either have just "Slicer" / "3DSlicer"
or on project for each version:
  3DSlicer 2
  3DSlicer 3
  3DSlicer 4
I would suggest the first approach.
From Julien:
I don't think ohloh is meant to host multiple versions of the same project, I would advise against having multiple versions on ohloh. Especially because Slicer3 is not active anymore and Slicer4 is built on top of Slicer3, it contains all the Slicer3 information.
If you look at the top 50 projects in ohloh, none of them are related to a specific version.
  • Model Hierarchies plus scene views
    • Crash on restoring Visual System scene view in Brain Atlas only after going into Models module 2557


  • Discussed module re-organization
    • The idea would be to move every "legacy" cli into an extension and create a "meta" extension allowing to install all these cli modules at ones.
    • Andriy is clarifying with Andras and Tamas the move of MRIBiasFieldCorrection" into legacy category.
  • Ohloh presence: All agree we should have on entry named "Slicer".
  • Nicole, Sankhesh and Julien discussed the "Model Hierarchies" + "scene views" issue.
  • Also discussed the current documentation system:
    • Developer documentation should belong to code base
    • User manual should be editable by both developer and user
    • Current documentation system (wiki) need to be updated to be more user-friendly.
  • Jc: Will be adding a "Developer Tools" option in the setting
    • When enabled, it will show the developer category in the module menu.
  • CLI category
    • Slicer should propose a mechanism to map CLI to different category. Application specific category shouldn't be added to the CLI itself.
  • Internationalization
    • We reach consensus: Official support for i18n will be disabled. A CMake option named Slicer_BUILD_I18N_SUPPORT will be added and the option won't be actively supported or tested.
    • Why? Supporting internationalization properly would require to test all ITK/VTK/Teem/.. readers and we don't have the funding or resources to support that effort. If it is something you are interested in, make sure to drop an email on the developer list. We will be happy to provide more information.
    • Issues: 3029
    • Additional note will be tracked on the following page: