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To discuss


  • Discussed issue 2935 - It would probably make sens to re-enable the corner annotation. That said we need to make it doesn't impact performance because of the font handling by VTK.
    • Jc: Check with VTK folks what is the status
  • Discussed naming convention associated with Slicer packages
    • Date associated with Nightly should not be displayed. Since the date associated with the build is the date of the associated commit, that would minimize confusion and always indicate the nightly is the latest available independently of the date. On the other hand the revision number should be maintained since it give an indication for the user aware of its meaning.
      • We also talked about the name of the folder associated with MacOSX bundle. It is currently "", we should be changed to follow this scheme:
        • Nightly:
        • Release: Slicer-MAJOR-MINOR[-PATCH[-TWEAK]].app